KLK believes that its employees is one of its greatest assets and employee welfare remains its top priority

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
KLK seeks the highest standard of safety and health protection. OSH requirements are applied uniformly and consistently across all operating centres guided by the KLK OSH Manual and Guidelines. It contains all the standards, safe work procedures and standard documentation used. Consistency in implementation and compliance is ensured through annual trainings and audits.

Human Capital Development
KLK believes that its employees are one of its greatest assets and it is important that people are developed to reach their full potential. Development primarily takes place on the job as well as through various programmes organised internally and externally.

Health & Wellbeing
The health and well-being of our employees are of importance to us. Various activities are organised and employees are encouraged to take part. These include sports, team building, family days and health campaigns, all of which serve as catalysts to encourage strong team work, comradeship and discipline.

Employee Engagement
Communications with our employees within the Group is also vital allowing sharing of information and development within the various business divisions.

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