KLK strives for excellence and is committed to maintaining high standards of business ethics and practices;
offering quality products and services and being a good and responsible corporate citizen.

Status of certification as at 30th Sep 2022


As an established and leading producer of premium certified vertically integrated sustainable palm products, KLK is fully committed to maintaining its product certifications, particularly under the sector-specific standards such as the RSPO, ISCC, MSPO and ISPO. These certifications, along with traceability, lend greater credibility to our products to compete in the global marketplace. The certification systems we adopt are:

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
A global sustainable palm oil initiative with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products through credible global standards and multi-stakeholder governance.

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)
A set of standards governing the Malaysian palm oil industry and covering the entire supply chain including plantations, independent growers, smallholders and palm oil mills.

Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO)
A mandatory set of standards created to improve sustainability and competitiveness of the Indonesian palm oil industry, and to support Indonesia’s GHG reduction and environmental protection targets.

International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC)
A system for certifying biomass and bioenergy industries with a focus on reducing GHG emissions, sustainable land use, protection of natural biospheres, and social sustainability. ISCC is recognised by the European Commission as being compliant with the EU Renewable Energy Directive.