KLK believes in growing its business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

KLK collaborates with Humana Child Aid Society (Humana) at our operating centres in Sabah. Humana provides primary education which primarily follows the Malaysian curriculum. The government-to-government agreement with Indonesia has seen teachers and teaching syllabus coming from the country.

We collaborate with Indonesia Heritage Fund (IHF) to provide education for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. The curriculum focuses on instilling good character and values. While majority of these centres are owned by KLK, some are done in partnership on our plantations to ensure that the young children receive proper education.

Equatorial Palm Oil Pte Ltd (EPO), a subsidiary of KLK, provides free education to the children of its workers and the children from surrounding villagers, which is done in partnership with the Liberian Ministry of Education. Free adult literacy classes are also provided for its labour and surrounding villagers outside of our operating centres.