KLK emphasises on the protection and conservation of our natural environment.
This element is disseminated to our operations through the following commitments:

KLK operates in some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, with our landbank extending across Malaysia (Peninsula and Sabah), Indonesia (Belitung Island, Sumatra Central and East Kalimantan) and Liberia. In order to protect and conserve our natural environment and reduce biodiversity loss, we are committed to ensuring that sustainable practices are implemented in all our operations with a focus on:


  • The Malayan Tiger.
    (photo courtesy of RIMAU)

  • The Malayan Tiger.
    (photo courtesy of RIMAU).

  • The Menraq patrol team.
    (photo courtesy of RIMAU).

  • On-ground training session conducted by Perak State Park Corporation representative.
    (photo courtesy of RIMAU).

  • Introduction of patrolling and rescue equipments to the patrol team.
    (photo courtesy of RIMAU).

  • KLK donated food items to Orang Asli community.
    (photo courtesy of RIMAU).


As part of KLK’s commitment to environmental stewardship in protecting our forests and peatlands, we have collaborated with RIMAU to support their tiger conservation initiative. Through this collaboration, we aspire to increase awareness of the dire state of our Malayan Tigers and protect them from going extinct. Additionally, we hope to come to the aid of the surrounding community, as a token of appreciation for their vital role in protecting our forests, including the Malayan Tigers.

Persatuan Pelindung Harimau Malaysia (RIMAU) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving the Malayan Tigers by “putting boots on the ground” to perform anti-poaching patrols. The patrol area includes the Royal Belum State Park and the Temenggor/Amanjaya Forest Reserve in Perak, which is an essential area that provides large mammals, especially the Malayan Tiger substantial roaming areas to meet their biological needs. Patrolling activities are performed by a team named Menraq, which consists of members from the Jahai tribe who have lived in the forest for centuries.

Besides a monetary contribution of RM140,000 to RIMAU to support their tiger conservation, KLK also donated essential food items to indigenous families in the Royal Belum State Park. KLK hopes that the small contribution of assistance to the community can ease the tough time many have been going through for the past few years and also bring some relief to the families.

  • Group photo of KLK-BORA.

  • Ficus sp. seedlings, propagated in KLK Estate Nursery.

  • Planting of Napier grass and Ficus tree by KLKS and BORA personnel.
    These Ficus trees will be a mother plant and root stock for BORA in getting sufficient seedling in the future.

  • Planting of Napier grass and Ficus tree by KLKS and BORA personnel.
    These Ficus trees will be a mother plant and root stock for BORA in getting sufficient seedling in the future.

  • Repaired bridge at Tabin Wildlife-Tomanggong Road.


Launched in 2021, KLK Sabah (KLKS) collaborated with the Bring Back Our Rare Animals (BORA) on habitat restoration for wildlife pastures/grazing at Former Jalan Tomanggong, Lahad Datu and riparian/buffer zone within KLKS plantations covering 215.94ha. Through this collaboration, we aspire to enrich and restore habitat for the endangered wildlife species within the surrounding areas, particularly at the collaboration site.

The project focused on restoring the grazing pastures within the fringes of Sabah’s Tabin Wildlife Reserve (10ha), to boost the food supply for elephants and Tembadau or Bornean Banteng. KLKS also collaborated with BORA on Jungle Rehabilitation at Matamba Area (Secondary Jungle between Rimmer Estate & Tungku Estate), covering 22ha.

KLK’s achievements through collaboration with BORA:

  • Installed camera traps to monitor the demography, behaviour, body condition and activities of the Tembadau and other wildlife animals at the grazing area.
  • Supplied and restored damaged, dead or washed-out trees from flooding, with the result of 1,340 trees planted at the former Jalan Tomanggong & Matamba area.
  • Receive world recognition – Champion in the Hornbill Award 2021.


Konservasi Hutan Desa (KONTANDES) is a collaborative forest and biodiversity conservation project in the Berau Regency (East Kalimantan) of Indonesia. Involving two village forests; Dumaring Village and Biatan Ilir Village, this project which is supported by KLK, covers 9,940 hectares. Through a participatory and multi-stakeholder approach, we hope to achieve high-quality forests while sustainably promoting community welfare.