KLK strives for excellence and is committed to maintaining high standards of business ethics and practices;
offering quality products and services and being a good and responsible corporate citizen.

KLK Sustainability Milestones

  • 2022 NOV
    KLK received Excellence in Provision of Literacy & Education Award, in the Global CSR & ESG Awards 2022
  • 2022 AUG
    KLK receive Company of the Year Award for Excellence in Sustainability and CSR Initiatives (Plantation), in the Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2022
  • 2022 MAY
    KLK launched No Recruitment Fee Policy
  • 2022 MAY
    KLK enhanced its Sustainability Governance Structure
  • 2021 NOV
    KLK received Company of the Year for Leadership in Community, Education, Scholarship & Welfare in the Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2021
  • 2021 OCT
    RAM reaffirmed KLK’s Sustainability Rating within the Gold category and concurrently assigned a Gold2 (G2) rating
  • 2021 SEP
    KLK revised Supplier Non-Compliance Protocol (NCP) and included the KLK Re-entry Criteria for NDP Violation
  • 2021 MAY
    KLK launched Group Biodiversity Conservation Policy
  • 2021 FEB
    KLK received Unilever Clean Future Brilliance Award by Unilever
  • 2021 FEB
    KLK released updated Anti-Corruption Policy
  • 2020 NOV
    KLK received CSR Malaysia’s Company of the Year Award for Sustainability & CSR Excellence (Plantation), in the Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2020
  • 2020 NOV
    SPOTT ranking at 11th place, score increased by 8%
  • 2020 Aug
    KLK launched Anti-Corruption Policy
  • 2019 SEP
    All Malaysians POMs, refineries, KCPs and KLK OLEO facilities have been certified under the MSPO SCC standards.
  • 2019 JUL
    KLK maintained status as a constituent in FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index for 3rd consecutive year.
  • 2019 MAY
    KLK released Sustainability Policy Non-Compliance Protocol
    KLK released updated Group Employee Grievance Redressal Policy
  • 2019 APR
    KLK released Suppliers Code of Conduct
  • 2019 FEB
    KLK received Gold Sustainability Rating from RAM Consultancy.
  • 2018 SEP
    KLK published its Grievance Redressal List in its website.
  • 2018 AUG
    KLK published its revised Sustainability Policy, enhancing its commitments towards the key economic, social and environmental issues.
  • 2018 JUL
    KLK published the suppliers list of all Malaysian and Indonesian palm oil mills, refineries and kernel crushing plants in its website.
  • 2018 JUN
    Together with partners, KLK completed a two-year study on application of Filter Belt-Press and its relation to potential GHG reduction. The calculation methodology was submitted to a leading journal, “Springer” and has been accepted and included in ISCC’s emission factor for GHG calculations.
  • 2017 DEC
    All KLK upstream operations (and its supplying estates and palm oil mills) in Malaysia have been certified under the MSPO standards.
  • 2017 JUL
    KLK OLEO launched Supplier Code of Conduct for its palm sourcing suppliers
  • 2016 OCT
    Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (“MSPO”) Certification awarded to Kekayaan Palm Oil Mill
  • 2016 JUL
    KLK OLEO RSPO SCC Multisite Certification extended to Germany (Dusseldorf) and Belgium sites
  • 2016 APR
    KLK OLEO Sustainability Initiatives (Social & Environment) Training Programs were conducted: ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000
  • 2015 SEPT
    KLK Sustainability Steering Committee chaired by CEO was formed
  • 2015 JAN
    KLK OLEO RSPO SCC Multisite Certification extended to China site
  • 2014 DEC
    KLK Sustainability Policy launched
  • 2014 NOV
    All KLK Malaysian palm oil mills successfully certified under RSPO P&C
  • 2014 JUN
    KLK OLEO RSPO SCC Multisite Certification extended to Indonesia site
  • 2014 FEB
    All KLK refineries and kernel crushing plants successfully certified under RSPO SCC
  • 2012 SEPT
    RSPO Supply Chain SEPT Certification (“SCC”) Multisite Certificate awarded to KLK OLEO
  • 2009 MAR
    MAR KLK received its first RSPO Principle & Criteria (“P&C”) certification for two of its palm oil mills in Sabah
  • 2004 OCT
    KLK became a Member of OCT Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”)
  • 1999 April
    ASEAN adopted Zero Burning Policy