KLK emphasises on the protection and conservation of our natural environment.
This element is disseminated to our operations through the following commitments:

KLK operates in some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, with our landbank extending across Malaysia (Peninsula and Sabah), Indonesia (Belitung Island, Sumatra Central and East Kalimantan) and Liberia. In order to protect and conserve our natural environment and reduce biodiversity loss, we are committed to ensuring that sustainable practices are implemented in all our operations with a focus on:


Konservasi Hutan Desa (KONTANDES) is a collaborative forest and biodiversity conservation project in the Berau Regency (East Kalimantan) of Indonesia. Involving two village forests; Dumaring Village and Biatan Ilir Village, this project which is supported by KLK, covers 9,940 hectares. Through a participatory and multi-stakeholder approach, we hope to achieve high-quality forests while sustainably promoting community welfare.