Notification of Scams
Monday, 1 March 2021

Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) is aware of a social media advertisement post claiming the launch of a new investment plan under “KLK Berhad”. The post directs the recipient to a personal messaging link via WhatsApp, in an attempt to defraud anyone who clicks on it via unsolicited communications purportedly originating from or implying an affiliation with the KLK Group or any of our subsidiaries within our Group of Companies.

We would like to bring to the notice of the general public that KLK will in no way solicit or offer any investment schemes to individuals and/or organisations.

KLK does not endorse online investment activities via any forms of social media regardless of whether it is through financial institutions, public or private agencies.

If you see such offers/benefits/instructions for investment or are approached by individuals and/or organisations in relation to such investment which is purported to be from or associated with KLK Group, please refrain from responding to them. You are advised to ignore and delete such posts, messages, or any similar attempts to protect yourself from becoming victims of phishing, identity theft, or malicious malware; be cautious and vigilant at all times, and do not fall victim to such scams.