KLK is committed to the following certification programs at our management units. These initiatives provide independent assessments against internationally recognised sustainability standards.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”)

RSPO is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative on sustainable palm oil. 

Currently 100% of KLK plantations in Malaysia are certified by the RSPO with similar targets for Indonesia. Certification and compliance to the RSPO’s P&C is independently verified by RSPO-approved certification body

What this translates to the ground is:

i. The use of best practices including zero-burning and good water management;
ii. Improved yield translating to efficient use of land;
iii. Protection of High Conservation Value areas;
iv. Prudent use of fossil fuels; and
v. Driving positive socio-economic developments in areas where we operate.

KLK’s plantation is also certified under the following standards:

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (“ISCC”)

ISCC certification shows that the biomass and bioenergy from our mills and refineries are produced in accordance to the European and German sustainability legislations i.e the European Union Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED) and the German Sustainability Ordinances (BioNachV) respectively.

Indonesia Sustainability Palm Oil Certification (“ISPO”)

ISPO is the Indonesian national certification system to ensure sustainable palm oil production