KLK believes that doing business in a sustainable manner goes hand-in-hand with corporate responsibility and both are integral to generate and sustain short and long term value for its stakeholders. Such values are realised through continuous balanced assessment and development of its operations, whilst simultaneously conserving and improving the natural environment, and uplifting the socio-economic conditions of its employees and local communities.



At KLK, sustainability is an organic journey and a fundamental aspect of how it conducts its business. Sustainability governance is done at the highest level through the Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) formed in September 2015, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) whilst members of the SCC include the Group Plantations Director, Managing Director of Oleochemicals Division and representatives from the Sustainability team. The mandate of the SSC is to develop sustainable strategies and policies, and to guide decision-making efforts for the KLK Group. The SSC also has a monitoring role to ensure that KLK meets both its compliance and sustainable development responsibilities. The CEO updates the Board of Directors on the Group’s progress pertaining to its Sustainability Agenda.

The SSC is supported by the Sustainability Working Committee (“SWC”). The SWC discusses operational matters that center around sustainability, recommends and implements solutions.