Access to Education

  • Education is the cornerstone of a person’s development, empowering them to contribute as citizens of the world. The goals of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Millennium Development Goals emphasise that basic education must be available for all children regardless of background.

Humana, PAUD, IHF

  • The children of migrant workers in Malaysia have little or no access to local mainstream education. At KLK, we stress the importance of education and therefore, the children of our workers, regardless of nationality are given access to education.


  • For our operating centres in Sabah, KLK collaborates with Humana Child Aid Society (“Humana”) as well as the Indonesian Heritage fund (“IHF”). Humana provides education from Standard 1 to Standard 6 and the IHF syllabus is used for kindergartens. At Humana centres, children attend classes based on their level of education and not by age.
  • The students learn English, Malay, Mathematics and Science. They also take part in sports activities and arts including music and dance. This helps develop well- rounded individuals who are able to shine in a diversity of areas. Meetings are held between parents and teachers to discuss children’s performance.
Children in Humana Kindergarten in Sabah
Children in Humana school in Sabah
A child participating in an activity designed for cognitive development



In Indonesia, KLK collaborates with IHF to provide education for young children between the ages of two (2) to six (6) years old. The focus of the IHF curriculum is to instill good character and values at a young age. There are currently 17 kindergartens (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini – PAUD) at our operating centres in Indonesia. We also have three (3) primary schools in our Riau operating centres. Free bus services are provided to ferry students for relevant areas

School bus provided for our children in Indonesia
Children on the way to kindergarten in Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia



In Liberia, we provide free education to the children of our workers as well as the children from surrounding villagers, which is done in partnership with the Liberian Ministry of Education.

School bus which picks the school children up after classes in Liberia
Children enjoying a light moment after school in Liberia


Scholarship & Internship

  • KLK, through Yayasan KLK, provides scholarships to young Malaysians who are studying or have gained a place at local universities with focus areas in Agricultural Sciences and Engineering. Upon completion, scholars are given opportunities to take up positions in the Group. Our scholars’ academic performance is monitored and they are given the opportunity to undergo practical training within the Group annually.
  • Students who are pursuing their tertiary education can also apply to undertake a paid-internship within KLK. Here we involve students in the daily running of our operations. Upon completion, students may be offered a position at the company depending on performance and business needs.
  • Similarly in Indonesia, scholarships are offered to some of our worker’s children
  • Our Oleochemicals facility in Germany offer internships to local schools and actively participate in the nationwide apprenticeship programme.

Adult Literacy Programme

In Liberia we also provide free adult literacy classes for the adults from Palm Bay’s labour force and surrounding villagers outside of our operating centres.