» The first palm oil mill, Fraser Mill was commissioned.



» KLR changed its name to Kuala Lumpur-Kepong Amalgamated Ltd (“KLKA”).

» Oil palm planting was introduced in the Group and was planted in Fraser Estate.


1959 – 1961

» KLR expanded its acreage to 73,712 acres (29,831 ha) spreading over Malaya, Indonesia and Nigeria. The estates in the latter two countries were disposed in 1973 and 1976 respectively.



» A training school was established in Effingham Estate, Kuala Lumpur to prepare Malayan plantation staff for promotion to be estate managers.



» Tin mining operations began as a source of steady income to KLR. The tin rich areas were in Kundang, Kent and Wardieburn Estates.



» The shares of KLR were listed on the London Stock Exchange.



» Kuala Lumpur Rubber Co. Ltd (“KLR”) was incorporated in England with Hon. Everard Feilding as Chairman. KLR held five rubber estates in Malaya (now Malaysia) totalling 1,582 acres (640 ha).