Our Mission

“Strive For Excellence”

We strive to emerge as a global force in the plantations and oleochemical arena and to continue building on the Group’s century old legacy of excellence by:

  • Offering quality products and services at competitive prices.
  • Being a good and responsible corporate citizen.
  • Earning a fair return on investments.
  • Maintaining steady dividend payments and adequate dividend cover.
  • Sustaining growth through re-investment of retained profits.
  • Maintaining a high standard of business ethics and practices.
  • Fulfilling our social responsibilities in the community in which we operate.

Our Values

In KLK, we work by our founder’s philosophy of Integrity, Loyalty and Humility. We also value Good Team Spirit, Result Oriented Performance and Innovation to excel in satisfying our customers and stakeholders. Our values are elaborated as follows:

We value professional honesty and sincerity above all.

We care for our colleagues as family and the Company as our own. We uphold the Company’s interest through thick and thin.

We respect our colleagues as partners and regard them as valuable contributors to our Company’s success.

Team Spirit
We cooperate with our colleagues across geographical, divisional and functional boundaries to achieve Company goals.

Result Oriented Performance
We take pride in our work and are happy to walk the extra mile to get the desired results.

We seek for better ways of doing things and embrace change to adapt our business to the market and environment.